Sunday, October 30, 2011

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Friday, October 29, 2010

Boston Terrier Stencil - Free Stencil Pattern

Boston Terrier Stencil Pattern


Come by and say hi!


Yes, another Boston terrier! Strangely enough neither of my dogs is a Boston - both are mutts - I just love the graphic quality of Bostons.

Today's craft is a stencil, the cheapest way to print an image onto any paintable surface - pillows, t-shirts, cards, walls, paper, textiles - just about anything really. All you need is a stencil, paint and something to stencil.

To make this stencil you will need to download the provided template and cut out the dark areas. I suggest you choose what material to cut your stencil from depending on the number of times you plan to use your stencil. Cardboard or card stock can be used if it's a one-off project, otherwise use plastic.
I suggest:
  • overhead projector film
  • laminator film (that's been run through a laminator)
  • mylar
  • professional stencil plastic (available online)
  1. Printer
  2. 1 sheet of regular computer paper
  3. 1 piece of 8.5"x11" cardboard or plastic
  4. #11 exacto blades and knife (or a stencil burner)
  5. Cutting mat (or tempered glass)
  6. Glue stick
  1. Download stencil template
  2. Print image onto regular computer paper
  3. Lightly glue image ON TOP of cardboard or opaque plastic OR lightly glue image UNDER clear plastic
  4. EXACTO KNIFE: Place a cutting mat under your work and cut away
  5. STENCIL BURNER: Preheat burner, place work on tempered glass, hold burner like a pencil and trace along lines with tip. * Keep tip moving at a steady pace so the cut line will be an even width.
  6. Remove what's left of image and neaten cut sections where needed.
  • Cut towards self, rotating as you go
  • Cut in long stokes with out lifting blade or burner tip
  • To make sharp points use a knife and make 2 separate cuts that intersect slightly
  • Cut small areas and inside curves first
  • Cut away from bridges
  • Cut too far? Patch mistakes on both sides with clear tape and recut
Not sure how to stencil? Have questions? I'll be posting some stencilling tips and instructions next week so stay tuned.


Wednesday, October 27, 2010

Boston Terrier Greeting Card - Free Paper Craft Pattern

Sample cards
Sample messages

Not only is this graphic Boston terrier card adorable (and who doesn't love Boston terriers?) but the front message can be customized to say whatever it is you need to say. Cool right?

For this project I've provided the high resolution card template as well as a sheet of block letters and common sayings. To customize your message simply cut out individual letters, or one of the sayings, and paste to the front of the card.

TIP: Hate messy glue? For the above samples I printed the letters onto a sheet of Avery sticker paper. Simply cut and stick - no mess!

  1. Printer
  2. 1 sheet of mediumweight 8.5x11 paper (45 lb/170 gm)
  3. 1 sheet of Avery sticker paper (or regular lightweight paper)
  4. Utility knife or scissors
  5. Glue
  6. OPTIONAL: 1 piece of 7 3/4" x 5 1/4" lightweight paper for insert
  1. Download the card template
  2. Print
  3. Cut out card
  4. Fold in half
  5. Cut out letters and paste your message to card front
  6. OPTIONAL: If you'd like to add an insert to the card fold a piece of 7 3/4" x 5 1/4" paper in half lengthwise. Drag a glue stick along the folded edge and place inside fold of card. Press in place.
  7. Enjoy!

Tuesday, October 26, 2010

Little Bitty Birdies - 1" Pin-Back Button Designs

Finished pin-back buttons

Button Designs

I'm addicted to making pin-back buttons - I've made 1000's and 1000's so far. It's a hobby that involves an initial financial investment to buy the machine and parts, but it's well worth every penny.

These birds are original hand-drawn illustrations. This JPG file includes 20 different 1" circle designs, 48 circles total.

PAPER: A thin paper is best to avoid jamming the machine. I LOVE Epson's Presentation Paper Matte 27lb. It's light enough but has a fabulous colour rating. Images are bright and crisp.

  1. Button machine
  2. 48 sets of 1" pin-back buttons
  3. 1 sheet of lightweight 8.5x11 paper
  1. Download full resolution file
  2. Print
  3. Cut out circles
  4. Get button making (in other words follow the directions that came with your machine)
  5. Enjoy!

Monday, October 25, 2010

Happy Halloween Banner

The finished banner

Less then a week until Halloween, I can hardly believe it! What's even stranger is that I saw my first Christmas commercial this past weekend?!?

This Happy Halloween banner is a great (and easy) last minute addition to your decorations.

  1. Four sheets of mediumweight paper 8.5"x11" - 45lb (170gm)
  2. 3.5 yards (3 1/4m) ribbon or string
  3. Single hole punch
  4. Utility knife (or scissors)
  1. Follow this link to download the 4 banner templates as well as the instructions
  2. Follow the steps as directed on instruction sheet .
  3. Enjoy!

Friday, October 22, 2010

The Lady and the Owl Paper Lantern

Finished lantern aglow

One of the easiest crafts on the planet is the humble paper lantern. I've experimented with all kinds of shapes and styles but I think simple is best. This is the perfect lantern for Halloween but if you're anything like me, and harbour a secret ambition to be a ghost hunter, it works all year round.


  1. One sheet of medium weight paper 45lb (170 gm)
  2. Printer
  3. Glue stick
  4. Utility knife (scissors)
  5. Tea light


  1. Download lantern template
  2. Print
  3. Carefully cut out the 2 lantern sections

4. Fold flap under (area with printing). Now evenly fold entire section in half matching end edge to the newly folded edge of flap. There are faint grey lines at the centre to help guide your fold. Repeat with other section.

5. Glue each flap to INSIDE of opposite section. All done, easy right!!

REMEMBER: Be sure to use a glass container with your tea light. NEVER LEAVE A CANDLE BURNING UNATTENDED!!!

FLAMELESS CANDLES: I love battery operated flameless tea lights - see above picture. I picked mine up at Home Depot (or google them online).

Friday, October 15, 2010

Halloween Clip Art

Halloween Characters Clip Art

Halloween Brocade Clip Art

I LOVE clip art! As a devoted crafter I find clip art invaluable for so many of my projects. It can embellish cards, tags, gift wrap, banners, websites, blogs...

Print an image onto fabric and it becomes a super easy plush toy, or embellish a tote bag, pillow, clothing, tea towel... well you get the idea.

These 2 sheets packed with Halloween images can be used for just about any project you can think of. Images are original illustrations and copyright free. Enjoy!

Follow these links to my flickr account to download full-sized clip art: